Sedna Ultrasonic Soundsystem

It is a Service Audio project, which deals with providing a highly professional service with regard to Audio & Video installations with new generation, high-level equipment, always at the forefront.
The Sound System we use was designed and built by the Italian company “Huracan Acustic”, which brings innovation to the world of music, thanks to new technologies of sound reproduction, Ultrasonic and Infrasonic, without neglecting the utmost care in materials and finishings of the speakers themselves.
The part concerning the power amplifiers is entrusted to the “K” series of the Power Soft company, which with its digital DSP remote control technologies guarantees high performance quality and sound power with very low consumption so as to have a minimal environmental impact. , whatever the need.
All the signal and power cabling is not left to chance and has been handcrafted with silver soldering, using cables of the same alloy and ultra-thin copper.
All the components concerning the Audio part are a completely made in Italy project.