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The violent reaction with Drum & Bas in 1999 meant that these underage girls spent all their free time with music. She didn’t economize in practice and Dia crystallized quickly. Her multidirectionality was first reflected in the variety of D&B subspecies: “I try to soften the chillout states with atmospheric sounds, bring harmony – according to the calling, while dark hardstep productions serve the need to fly” – she said so, although such pathetic words are not for her similar. There was certainly jungle, jazzstep and darkside. Do not think that Dia played it all in one set, no, she created thoughtful mixes, coherent, depending on the circumstances, place, people, mood. In those times, she supported many artists important for her: Bukema, Adam F, Ed Rush, John B, E-Z Rollers, BSE on the one hand, and Jimi Tenor on the other, Up, Bustle & Out, Jazzanove and many great concerts.
Over time, when the drumandbass turned into a musical Ganges, where to catch something valuable you had to dive among the dung and corpses, Dia decided to leave this stream. Yes, she kept her collection of classics, which she gladly plays, but this area remained closed.
It focused mainly on jazz derivatives – Ninja Tune label, all experiments, acoustic, analog, natural sounds, only supported by electronics. She was further absorbed in the enormity and variety of the old Polish Jazz Polish scene. And that would probably end the story if it wasn’t for dubstep, who simply crept into it. She tried to ignore him, she resisted, but the old instincts proved to be stronger and Dia gave up – she began to play. In dubstep there was almost everything she was looking for. Trip pace, darkness and powerful bass overwhelmed her, energy fell down. Playing with Skream, Benga, Emalkay, Reso, at the same time she tried to be different from them – do not play wohbble and even get entangled in the hottest moments. He still believes that playing for others is sharing. She is so funny.


Dj and founder of polish psychedelic label Medulla Oblongata Records. Based in Tri City Poland.


Ukrainian DJ actually based in Tri City. Groove mood maker. Tribal/house/EDM

Herbert Quain

DJ and producer from Austin,Texas. Founder of experimental psychedelic label Absolut Shit Records.

Kamil Kosik

A 28 year old DJ/producer from Gdańsk.?Previously known as kthek. He discovered his passion for DJing while observing some of his friends. It soon turned out that the desire to create and share his vision of techno resulted in his first DJ sessions. In combination with music education directed towards sound production, his interest in DJing quickly evolved into intertwining his own sounds into his sets. Kamil works with different kinds of synthesizers – he is one of the few Tri-city artists who is consistent in Hybrid performances. In the past six months he has been one of the most active members in the Nocturn collective. He is also bound with the netlabel SYKOT.


Duo project aimed at delivering unique experience and service. Melisa & Cinammon. Representing Unity Gathering.


DJ and producer from Berlin Germany. Representing Milega Records. Co-founder of experimental psychedelic festival Glia Gathering in Romania.


Born in Lithuania in 1991. at young age moved to italy where I entered in to the psychedelic world just after my experience in underground tekno scene with illegal raves taz and squat parties, enjoying and studying this world , music and people every moment, till i started to organize parties in 2008. We organized illegal free parties, tekno and goa then, when energies started to crash and different desires about music divide us, we created with some good friends the Little Dark Family and organized underground parties all around Italy full orientated on darkpsy, hi tech and experimental vibes, consolidating a darkpsy culture in this country. At these parties played artists like Kindzadza, psykovsky, yaminahua, kasatka, calyptratus, dark whisper, zik, kaya, spiral, select project, kaikkialla, mimic wat, will o wisp, megalopsy, kykeon, spore, radice, virtuanoise, alpscore, yara & malkaviam, systemcrash, native elements, giuseppe and many more. After long time listening, dancing , organizing and givin’ space for a lot of artists to play, I understood that i want also to give my contribute to the dancefloor as a performer, cuz i saw how much i can give when i’m behind the desks, trying to guide people in a deep psychedelic trance experience.
Maiko dj sets are various and peculiar , from slow to fast bpm, always focused on a danceable and trance tunes. Goes from classic darkpsy to new wave experimental music like psycore but also adding some spicy hitech tracks for a full euforia moments.
actually based in barcelona, i’m fully active in this psychedelic scene, performed in countries like Italy, Spain, Sweden, Czech republic, Austria, Lithuania, India, Srilanka, Turkey, Holland,Germany, Poland,Brazil festivals like Masters of Puppets, Psy fi, Atman, Human Evolution, Blackmoon, Anaca Ritual and many more to come
actually part of Anomalistic Records, NutriaDance Records, Masters of Puppets Team
not only the selection and skills make u a dj ^_^

being a dj and mixin the music, u have the possibility to create the vibe for all the dancefloor, for make people dance and make them have a psychedelic experience.


They say meeting his music works like adding a crack to ayahuasca.
Who is this mystery DJ and producer?
Mainstream media are silent, but the chronicles of the Tri-City underground write widely about this persona. They describe him as an enigmatic junglist, a samurai crossing species divisions. In capital letters, they write him as a shaman who brings acoustic monsters to life, which mutates from dub, metal and unearthly drum & bass substrates.
The material has the power to lock its spawn in black disks and mix them with others. He gained this incredible power through many years of practice in the temple of the Tri-City nightlife, at the Sfinks700 club. He trained and repeatedly appeared alongside the most original, charismatic magicians of the modern jungle, drum & bass, dubstep school, i.e.: Stray, June Miller, Anile, Prolix, Cause4Concern, The Sect, Skitty, Hatti Vatti, Radikal Guru, Reza, Mortem, Radicall.
Every day, he hides powerful creative powers under the cover of everyday life, working as a sound and light engineer in several Warsaw clubs. However, peace in his case is a relative concept and does not last long …. as soon as the Moon is in line with the Earth and the Sun, the ferment of sounds, psychedelics and digital technology fall into a mad dance with the Material controlling the vortex spitting out flaming spits of the jungl ritual.
The meteorite / production fire did not escape the attention of research centers on cosmic phenomena and in this way materialized into black discs were released by Alphacut Records (DE), Danger Chamber (UK), DubKraft Records (ES), Digi-lab Records (UK) .
The latest 12 “monster – ACR3006 – will hit you later this year with Alphacut Records.

Mind Altar

Side project of Alien Lazer Baby from Sydney, Australia, actual based in Berlin,Germany. Focused on experimental/breakcore sounds.

My Cat Ate My Drugs

DJ project from Warsaw Poland focused on hitech/psycore/rave sounds.


I just want to bring out your inner creativity and hidden urge of taking the action! And this way we can kickstart for new era!
For now I just start to mixing and share some of my lists from dark trance producers. Soon future will share my sound and own style!
Oxomo : Name of a sound/space-ship will take you a ride in your imagination to macro and micro universe…

Kristal Güngörün
Metacore Festival
MetaCortex Records
Voodoo Hoodoo Records
Popol Vuh Records


Herbalist by vocation, loves plants, in the future plans to have his own orchard and home garden. He grew up in Warsaw’s Mokotowskie Field, where he helped his grandfather in the harvest every year. It was the grandfather of young Paweł who instilled love for plants. In his drum’n’bass sets, he draws inspiration from various genres, but always tries to give them a clear deep sound. While playing, he cuts himself off from reality and moves into another dimension to run along the staff with his pal Hofman. He is the founder of the Warsaw collective Natural Selection, promoting ambitious, broken music. Over the past 10 years, he has co-created many interesting projects and organized countless events at which many distinguished guests from Poland and abroad played.


These sessions are a unique sound collage, woven into entire canvases of musical stories. The combination of multi-genre music create a flexible base with which anyone can play. This project basically provides an opportunity to discover more through the sound!


Upside down


Illumination Crew – Producer/DJ
Senkra – Artist


An Artist, DJ-performer; sound & media explorer with a passion for Ambitious Projects.
A Female Pressure and Be Psychedelic member.Multimedia creator.


DJ from Tri City focused on tekno/tribe/mental sounds. Member of Acid Punx Crew.


The Tzeentch project is a consequence of an evolving passion in the search for new and unconventional solutions in psychedelic music, thanks to which I have the opportunity to present them in a coherent whole. In selection, I try not to limit myself in bpms or in the mood of tracks, the common denominator is the appropriate level of abstraction guaranteeing a very desirable element of surprise. In parallel, I am fulfilling myself in the promotion of experimental psychedelic music, being a co-founder of the Painted Chaos Project, which searches for little-known artists who are not afraid to create “out of the box”. Recently, I also co-create the Unity Gathering, where I’m responsible for the line-up and stage managment of this event.
Abstract/Psychedelic/Experimental Music | UNPREDICTABILITY IS THE KEY !

Yabol Fibonacci

Producer from Łódź, Poland focused on ambient/psychedelic sounds. Side project of Yabol – legendary techno-dnb artist.


DJ and producer from Szczecin, Poland focused on experimental/breakcore sounds. Founder of Kanapa Trippin project.