We've heard that we are doing it for money while the others say that we are doing it just for fame. 
We won't even mention how warmly we were welcomed in our lovely country because even after 7 years we can still hear "something somewhere" about Unity. 

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you - the truth is that we were here from the very beginning to break the rules and just for fun. 

But some of our friends probably didn't even know there could be such a reason, did you? 

Anyway - for some other reasons doing it in a long run is not so funny anymore. 
Most of what we wanted to accomplish will be realized in just a few days at our final meeting

Our dream was to create from zero something unique that is just now growing internationally almost everywhere. Great times ahead!

If you ever wanted visit us in the future - the future is NOW! 

In 15 days from now the project will be shutdown.
The countdown begins - enjoy it while you can! One last time...


Now or never! Driven by passion, fueled by action – so limitless and free: U N I T Y Gathering 🖤

You have unique opportunity = literaly the last chance, to experience the most vibrant gathering of a r t and e x p e r i m e n t a l music. This 2024 is the LAST EDITION and in the same time we strive it to be the best one. This is gonna be legendary.🛸
Through these years, since 2018r, we were constantly improving and expanding, moving forward in spite of adversities. We’ve faced pain, sweat and sorrow, and in spite this we know that uniting to create this event, our collective effort was worth it! Being such unique, unscathed by comerciality, uncomperable, tiny and vast in the same time -being free- is not an easy path, even though gives us true fulfillment.

Because nothing last forever, because the road is the goal, because movement is necessary for our bodies as the sun is for leaves, because every reason is good to unplug and plunge into the sonic resonance with nature and other living beings – Dear friends you are invited to come, to experience, to discover, to create, to vibe together and to celebrate “The End”. 🔥

This chance happens only once.

///2018 – 2024///