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Alien Lazer Baby

A breakcore theatre style of story telling that covers everything from alien gangbangs, killing cops with lazerbeams, transformation – though you will have to see the live version for that!

Anacamptis Morio

I start to mix music when i have 14…with vinyl….
The progressive techno open me to a world of a electronic music and i play these genre for 3-5 years
After this period of my life y i discover more about parties and free parties too so after a long time i decide to star to producing my own music
I need years before put out my project because till now i don’t have a real studio where is possible for me to finalizing and spent more time on my production…but now the studio is a reality so i start to share some new sounds…!! (i finally have a live set ready :))
I feel is not good to close the music in a unique genre…is reductive for the creativity of every artist….i make sounds with love for what i do…that’s it!!!
I try to put my reality and my experience in my expression of sounds and i hope the listeners enjoy and feel it.
Music is fantasy, love and patience….and is a big power for aggregate the people of all the parts of the world…is a multivers language !!!


Experimental/Psychedelic project from Berlin/Germany.


David Slojewski alias Audiosyntax grew up in the north-west countryside of Germany.

Being surrounded by musicians all of his life, his development was steadily accompanied by various musical influences. His urge to reproduce certain kinds of acoustic experiences led him from experimenting with all kinds of instruments and sound devices to start producing psychedelic ambient, minimalistic acoustic and electronic music.

In 2010 he began producing Psychedelic Trance and quickly developed his own unique and experimental style. It’s characterized by an immaculate, deeply psychedelic sound design, coupled with driving, yet never repetitive percussive and bass structures. While it can be both emotive and desolate, both complicated and minimal at the same time, a live set by Audiosyntax is always guaranteed to give the listener a deep and technical ride of high energy complex processing through dark dreamscapes and forgotten memories.

After releasing his debut album “Parsing” in 2016 on Alice-D Records, he teamed up with Berlin-based Quintessence Records in 2018 and released his album „Slower Emotions“. After an 8-part EP Series for Alice-D, another double-album for Quintessence and his „Anomalistic Weather Report“ in 2019, his latest work is the mind-bending album „Unitas Multiplex“ on Alice-D Records. Besides his massive output, AudioSyntax is also heavily active playing his often very long sets at events around the globe from big festivals to small underground raves.

While he is still spending most of his time producing music, he recently started to get more into analog modular synthesis, which is giving his music a whole new level of complexity.


Indaco Runa & Dollinar

Project started on February 2011 when two childhood friends after a long gone of exquisite experience decided to express them emotion behind the music, so was born Cispailonx.
After six years of study sharpened them ideas on the mathematical composition.

Cyber Native

Duo project between IndacoRuna and Lumnia

Der Sandmann

“in the last years i have been trying to develope the specific frecuences i specialy like of the darkpsy/psycore music… traveling arround, finding nice peole and inspirations… in love with music and psychedelic more then 10 years finaly the proyect der sandmann was starten in 2010 hopefully is this yust the beginning of a nice trip booom!!!”

Anomalistic Records
Tatewari Records
Sacred Sound
Popol Vuh Records


? winner of Mushroom Magazine’s prestigious Musician With The Worst Public Image Award for 15 years in a row
? perpetual liar
? dancers HATE him!! why? CHECK HERE [>>>]
? the right man in the wrong place
? never gets anything done on time
? a horrible person to work with
? tries
? died due to complications from l????i?¨?¨??g???ˇ???m????????¸a???????


Thank you mother earth for everything !! Love life, love yourself, love everything that is part of us !! A cosmic hug for all of you beautiful souls …<3 <3 ADONAY + ELOYM + TETRAGRAMMATON + GABRIEL +
LOve The Universe- Tra sguardi nell’ombra e giochi di luce nel buio, i nostri pensieri sonoluminescenza, l’energia sonora si trasforma in luce. Adesso finalmente, possiamo suonare la melodia dell’universo.


Lumnia is a tool of God.
He came here to give light to a new tipe of consciousness.
To expand the connection between Human beeing and God.
He would like to inspire people to ‘know themselves’ through divine experiences.


Deep trance music project of Traveller – currently based in Berlin, Germany.

For many years journeyed the worlds of ambient, breakcore, dub, trip-hop, noise and other experimental forms of sound – always finding joy in connections between music and technology.

Now in the last ten years embracing deep trance music as the way to express, the MindsDream/Tunnelhead project was evolved, and since enjoys guiding many dancefloors around Australia and the world.

Forever learning.. Exploring.. Dancing with the balance..
powerful / calm,
heavy / floating.
dark / light..

Always with love


Sound artist & audio engineer from Switzerland. Owner and founder of label Labyrinhtine Crew. Passionate about nature photography. Running an Audio Production Studio – Optinervear Studio.


Experimental psychedelic project from France


Radice was born after a long travel in India, 2011. By surrendering to the psychedelic experiences, his music drive you in deep journey of healing and transformation. Immerse yourself in the unknown to be part and discover different levels of consciousness.


Ritual psychedelic music, made by two cosmic brothers from other space, Radice & Indaco Runa
Music is medicine!


Are a Polish electronic duo formed in 2019 in Cracow by Andrzej Janicki and Piotr Goraj.


Sharkface AKA Alien Lazer Baby AKA Mind Altar
coming at you from the depths of the depths. Do not be afraid of my sharp teeth, they are only for cutting constraints.
A safe space for the freaks and the weirdos, join me. It may be dangerous, it may be nurturing but it will defiantely be entertaining…