Mayovka is a place of weddings, parties, meetings and concerts. The complex consists of the House of Stones and Sticks – more than 20 beds in the climate of more than a hundred-year-old forester’s lodge, Leśnianówka – surrounded by greenery, on the bank of the floodplain a wooden barn with character, where weddings and concerts take place, Sharia – a land of tipi tents, deckchairs, hammocks, which lives its life, on the edge of a forest and meadow, with a river at its feet, Rivendoria – composed of the charm and ruins of an old mill, with a waterfall, a gorge, fallen trunks and a winding riverbed and forest paths. It is also Bukowiec – a floodplain of the river, forming a peninsula where Mayovka is located, a floodplain of culture, art and entertainment, with clear waters shining with the charm of the surroundings and the forest on the other side. Anichybiraj – a forest in which the soul, the power of nature, freshness and tranquillity are surely hidden. A diverse forest, ideal for a long walk. A forest full of surprises. And Jerzówka, a meeting place, the loose ones and those caused by a strong need. Just above the floodplain, with a beautiful view of the water, forest and Leśniówka.

3,5 hours from Berlin by car
6,5 hours from Hamburg by car
3 hours from Wrocław by car
3,5 hours from Gdańsk by car
5 hours from Warsaw by car
6 hours from Kraków by car