Live Acts

Alien Lazer Baby

A performance artist from Sidney, Australia with live vocals, instruments and insane music. Currently based in Berlin, Germany.


Collaboration between Nox and Enigmachina. Representing Minuteless Recordings.

Argot Digamma / Anficlavis / Sectio Aurea

“Love, sound design and opening portals.

Marina and Chris, an eclectic musical duo from Switzerland, have spent ten years building a worldwide reputation for assembling experimental, mathematically-minded sonic structures on a solid foundation of funky rhythm and bass. “


Experimental Psychedelic project from Berlin Germany


Audionimus is the one that feels rather than understanding that every aspect of the perceived reality is, just like limbs or thoughts, an extension of the infinite self.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Seemingly separated parts of the reality are merged and all distinctions between I and we fade. Every element in the realm of sound is realized into a
f r a c t i o n
of this self, pointing it to its own origin.
Audionimus is the one that solves and dissolves.


The name Beepetc. comes from a combination of “beep”, the sound made by those machines I use, and the abbreviation of “et cetera”. Representing Minuteless Recordings.


The mind behind Biomekanik is Bruno from Genova, Italy, he is currently operating his studio based in Berlin called the Biolab.

The project Biomekanik began in 2006 as a dj act playing all over north Italy, now Biomekanik in his studio produces music with experimental sound design focusing on researched sonic textures, alien sounds and orchestral/cinematic elements.

By applying his knowledge in sound design and engineering to his music, during a set of Biomekanik you will feel an intense sonic experience.


Slovenian producer and co-founder of [geometric.corruption], with 6 EP releases to date. Sonic experimentation focuses mainly on slambient oberkreiner psycore with storytelling. Believes in freedom in expression.


The Reality Master General has determined that Mr. Vomit may significantly alter your reality. Usage of the knowledge provided by Mr. Vomit may be perceived as dangerous and subversive by those in authority. Proceed with caution.

City of colors

“There are many phenomena around us that use circular movement. Earth orbits around the Sun, winds work in a circular pattern, after night there’s a day, whole planet works in seasons.


Experimental psychedelic project from USA which they include: CinderVomit, Priapizzm and Ekimskrid. Representing Anomalistic Records.


Experimental psychedelic project from Marburg Germany. Representing Mitnal records and Painted Chaos Project


Experimental psychedelic side-project of Psyroot. Psyroot ( Origin of the spirit ) is a dark psychedelic project based in (Casablanca,Morocco) that gonna try to bring a landscape of sound from the heartbeat of chaos to the core of harmony all blended into a frequency ritual combining abstraction and complexity of “?”. Co-founder of Geometric Corruption records and also representing Anomalistic Records.


Experimental psychedelic project from USA producing and playing music on self-made software . Representing Minuteless Recordings.


” Enigmachina is a project for sonic expressions, routed in the realms of freely flowing creativity.(Alban Eulenspiegel)
Not sticking to any rules, it moves between different genres of electronic music while making heavy use of the sampling of acoustic instruments such as strings, percussion, plants and the human voice and body.
Always being open to new directions, the project combines influences of Classic, Ambient, Glitch/Experimental and Psychedelic Trance, to create an immersive space which is fueled with a feeling of ongoing change as the only constant.”


Experimental psychedelic DJ and producer based in Wrocław, Poland. Representing Unity Gathering and Geometric Corruption.


Collaboration Music Project between Eve (Inwuwei) & Robin (Oroboro)


Collaboration project between Oroboro and AudioSyntax


K-Owl is the artist name of an electronic music producer that is alive somewhere. This much is true. The rest is up to you to ascertain. Founder of Minuteless Recordings.


In 2oo4 I’ve joined Hcc sound system.
After few years of my journey, i’ve decided to try make my own tracks and perform live.
From 2017 a member of Nostromo.
Always trying to do sounds out of the ordinary… sometimes deep, sometimes impulsive… with a mental influence.


Collaboration project between LoVa and Djane Maiko. Represeting NutriaDance Records.


Collecting tunes since his first encounter with trance in 2000 and got his breakthrough when he joined the hi-tech movement in its early days with the support of Noise Poison Records.
Lova and his Friends started out their own label known as Nutriadance, releasing cutting edge, fast and furious tunes…
Since 2010 this journey started to take him further and he has been an integral part of the dark psychedlic movement since, performing at loads of festivals and parties all around the world and always look around for new talented artists to push in this movement.


auditory vibrational thingymatwatsits that have dwelled in ye olde whirlypools of me current consciousness vessel are probably wandering within this vacinity. Genre-fluid electricity.


Deep trance music project of Traveller – currently based in Berlin, Germany.

For many years journeyed the worlds of ambient, breakcore, dub, trip-hop, noise and other experimental forms of sound – always finding joy in connections between music and technology.

Now in the last ten years embracing deep trance music as the way to express, the MindsDream/Tunnelhead project was evolved, and since enjoys guiding many dancefloors around Australia and the world.

Forever learning.. Exploring.. Dancing with the balance..
powerful / calm,
heavy / floating.
dark / light..

Always with love

Mirror Me

MIRROR ME (Poland) ????
(Anomalistic Rec, Painted Chaos)

Circa 2012, by Antoni
Transmissions, Incantations, Medicine and Fire
Sounds for the Heart, Mind, and Spirit.

Co-founded the music label – Painted Chaos Project.


Mirror me and CinderVOMIT – Sonic Portal Architects. Loading…..


Experimental psychedelic project from Bremen Germany. Representing Minuteless Recordings and Painted Chaos Project.


My Name is Robin Son Cruso and i come from the Elephant Islands in Antarctica.
I grew up in a musician family of eight with classical and jazz backgrounds.
At a young age I started to discover the educational, medicinal and social potential of Trance music. Then immersed myself in lengthy private and institutionalised Teachings to be able to express what is inside.
The Project is mainly for bringing art and people together and insure to discover more!
That’s where my artist name comes from – an ancient symbol of unity & recreation!
The Ouroboros

Piotr Cisak

Electronic/experimental project from Gdańsk, Poland. Performed in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Albania, Serbia,Macedonia,Kosowo and at the Festival Audioriver, Ambient Park, Tauron Nowa Muzyka,Ambientalny. In the TOP 100 best albums of 2015 in magazine Avant Music News


Amanda is a polyvalent artist passionate about creative expression through the arts, but holds a special fondness for music and visual arts. After exploring several mediums of expression, she found electronic music and saw it as a natural direction to flow into.

In 2009, she taught herself how to produce electronic music with her computer. In 2010, the PLANKTON project was born. This was the beginning of a passionate psychedelic journey which is still gaining momentum exponentially to this day. Her influences mostly come from Trip-Hop, Drum’n’Bass, Dub, Dark Techno, Mental Tribe, Breakcore and many others, from the slowest to the fastest genres. Plankton also has an unconditional love for classical instruments, especially violin, cello and piano due to their wide range of expressiveness. Her eclecticism made her fall in love with psychedelic music due to the variety of sounds, and the deep and personal nature of a persons relationship with their own music and being able to share that with people is something that keeps her motivated.

Plankton project is a large variety of dark sounds that are designed to play with your standards through using unconventional arrangements and percussive elements over precise and massive sound designs all so potent with mood as silky cavernous pads set the tone. Plankton is always creating with the intent of pushing the limits further of what can be done or created or experienced. She is known for exploring new horizons and giving to the music a personal touch with deep feeling. There’s no rules or determined genres, this is a personal story shared from the beginning to the end.

The term plankton comes from the Greek derivative planktos, meaning wandering. These organisms spend a part of their life in a driving state with no ability to swim against a current, they just move with the flow, as her music. She’s also behind two solo side projects, the first is Zatira (triphop, experimental beats) and the second is Disharmonic (tribe, mental music).


Pluriverso is the project of Tiago Vieira and Marilia Nascimento, a married couple from Portugal, who are pioneers of the genre Lemonpsy.
For those who don’t know, Lemonpsy is kind of acid, but it is a bit more organic!!!
It is an experimental psychedelic project started in 2016, with the aim of sharing pure psychedelic music, trough many different ways.
Influenced by all types of music, this project is focused on psychedelia, using all tools by all means to provide a pure psychedelic experience to the listener!


Experimental Psychedelic project from USA based in Hiroshima, Japan. Founder of Irori Music. Founder of Datavore project together with CinderVomit and Ekimskrid.


Experimental Psychedelic project from France. Representing Freepsy, Painted Chaos Project, FreePsy Record,
Metacortex Records, Lilith Crew


Behind the project Rysavy there is Denis Rysavy from Bremen Germany. He is electronic music since 2015. He is member of minuteless recordings since 2017. His sound changed and expend after listening doob in Unity Gathering 2018.
Rysavy has very interesting experimental sound, new and unique stories to share with us. ‘’Give your music up to the machine.’’


Senkra –
Are a Polish electronic duo formed in 2019 in Cracow by Andrzej Janicki and Piotr Goraj.
Inspired by the galaxy, quantum mechanics and nature, they aim to combine all these into an universal language.
Their music is a sonic journey through missing moments twisted with psychedelic trance.
While expanding boundaries of listeners’ comfort zone they bring the space to the dancefloor.


Michael Kalinowski aka Sourone hails from Poland, A one person musical project focused on psychedelic and experimental genres of electronic music.
His musical roots started from idm and glitch electronica from where he earnt precious experience and inspiration.

He produces wide spectrum of sounds and styles – from minimal and psychedelic progressive,through groovy and funky tech, to emotronic ambients and squelchy-glitchy experimental IDM music.
He is doing his best to polish,evolve and push boundaries of his own original style.

He gathers ideas,inspiration and energy from music, scene,everyday life,love,travels,art but also learned there’s no other way to self development than a hard work and putting all the heart into it.
Michael had opportunity to perform in many countries through out the Europe and also Australia, smaller and bigger events – festivals and indoor parties – among others he was playing at YAGA,BOOM,OZORA,MODEM,UFO BUFO,FREQS OF NATURE,TRIMURTI,AYATA,WAHA.
He toured Australia twice and in 2018 he had his first trip to United States, where he was playing at Fractal Fest.

He released 2 full length albums, 6 glitch/downtempo EPs and 3 EPs psychedelic/progressive on Zenon Records and took part in countless compilations in various styles of music and labels.

Tenebral Cortex

Experimental psychedelic project from France. Representing Minutess Recordings.