Dimension Hexa

We are Ola and Bartek, we created a collective called Dimension Hexa. Our activities can be found at events mostly in psytrance climates. Our hobby has evolved into activities in more extensive spaces such as club events or festivals in the open air and in nature. We create things to please the eyes, some of our decorations reveal their beauty in ultraviolet light, and others proudly present their natural simplicity and beauty.
We design and construct String Arty of various sizes and shapes. We create designs for lycra ceilings with various motifs to add color space and an unusual look. They usually glow under ultraviolet light.
We try to show the beauty of nature through Land Arty, they are created by using all natural elements found in nature. We also design and install large stages made of wooden plywood and protected against weather conditions at the place of the event.
Our collective not only deals with decorations that are pleasing to the eye and beautiful, but also create video mapping – audiovisual art. Visualizations that we create are displayed on decorations that were previously mentioned. We try to make every visual experience unique and still surprising. We are able to do such wonderful things with the help of several projectors that show a computer creation in a much larger area than just a computer monitor.
In addition, we have the ability and technology to program LED lighting, which is associated with the fact that we can make your time spent in different zones more pleasant.
Our heads are still young, full of verve and creativity, every day we try to increase our experience and skills. Every day we learn new techniques and software functions to make our projects and ideas even more professional and unique.


Stereoko.tv is an art collective, group of VJ and motion designers – Iza Uhlenberg and Zambari.
//film, video, Vjing, 3D mapping, motion graphics//